As a student, my vision is to develop my illustration and animation skills to tell quality visual stories with high fidelity to my client, employer, or self-defined project.


To tell stories

To always be learning

To work hard

To be honest and fearless

I’m fairly early in my career….

My work is that of someone who stopped drawing when they were twelve and only started back up when college started. I’ve been getting back into drawing for three years, but only in the last eight or so months have I methodically been working to develop my skills to a professional level. I love character animating, even if I have to use Maya as my drawing skills are more likely to hinder than help at the moment.

My inspirations have always been toward romanticism, gothic, uncanny, and anachronistic subjects along with folklore and ghost stories from all over the world. My favorite visuals tend to lead into art nouveau and things that are conventionally aesthetically pleasing but with against the grain subject matter. Elegant-and/but-creepy usually.

My favorite writers include, Edgar Allen Poe and Neil Gaiman while my greatest artistic influences are Abigail Larson, Edward Gorey, Alphonse Mucha,
Charles Addams, and directors and animators Tim Burton, Henry Selick, Steve Hickner, and Don Bluth.