It’s a Cambodian name meaning “memory for far away or long ago.” At least that’s how someone tried to explain it to me. It’s not an exact translation. It’s “memory” but there’s supposed to be an invocation of emotion that accompanies the memory, with less an emphasis on the events, but more on how they made the rememberer feel. It seemed a poetic choice for an artist name.

Neaksai, to me, is another word for Story in this context. Now, of course, this may be my lack of understanding of the Cambodian language talking, but until someone comes along to tell me Neaksai actually means something terribly lewd, I’ll stick to my slight twist of a borrowed word. What else is a story in the literary sense, but the telling of a series of events meant to entice emotion from an audience? The reality of the events are not the focus, but how they made a human soul react and feel does.

It’s also my middle name. 🙂