My sketches and notes organized by project or course.

Personal Projects

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B.S. Visualization Capstone

Research and visual progress of a graphic novel based on Cambodian Folklore, originally created as a graduation requirement from Texas A&M University’s School of Performance Visualization & Fine Arts.

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Inspired by my love of Halloween, O’Lantern is a retelling/continuation of the Jack-O-Lantern fairytale origin. It follows the modern-day afterlife of Stingy Jack and the ghost of a possibly murdered teenager.

YouTube Channel?

I want to make videos about animation news, Cambodian folklore and history, and fanfiction tropes. Because why not? Until it’s up, follow me on Instagram.


Self-learning AND course that I’ve made sub-blogs of to record my progress/study.

Animation Technique

Animation as a science and an art.

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My studies of prose, oral storytelling, and visual storytelling mediums like comics, film, video games, and animation.

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Archaeological Artifact Conservation

My most intensive class for my Museum Studies Minor.

My Story

Learn how I became an artist, and how I developed this particular style.

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