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    How can you support what I do?

        If you support me on <a href="https://buymeacoffee.com/neaksai">Buy Me a Coffee</a>, you also have the option to purchase extras, like commissions, one-on-one tutorials, and access to classes. You can also sign up for monthly memberships.

    Ko-Fi is another lovely little tip jar system

    *I can’t offer all the fun extras like BMAC but they don’t take a cut from simple tips

    *Psst, you do not have to give me money. I love writing and visual storytelling and do I lot of this because I’ll go insane if I don’t get a story out into the world. But I’ll admit a little monetary appreciation helps keep gas in my car as I look for real work.

    Join my Discord Server!

    “Writing Town” is a server a close writing friend and I made for our communities around our fanfiction stories, folklore and mythology, and our original work. It’s also the place for you jump in and chat with me. No pressure. We usually watch movies or chat about The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love connecting with people and making friends. Hope to see you there!

    With words as a love language, written comments and reviews mean so much. It’s a great feeling knowing that someone likes your work enough to talk about it. 

    Please consider stopping by to drop a comment or feedback in the reviews on this site or the other platforms where my work is published, like Royal Road, Wattpad, Tumblr, or Fictionpress.

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        <p>REBLOG. REPOST. SHARE. <br />Everything helps. If you're not able to hire or donate, chances are someone out there is. It means a lot.</p>       
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